Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Day At Goosewell Primary

Today was our first day at Goosewell Primary School. Proud Panther and I are in a Key Stage 1 Year 2 classroom, which is six year olds. Everyone was so nice to us. The students wanted to know what it was like in Florida and they thought that I talked funny! I was trying to explain to them how hot it gets in Florida, because it is very cold in England! They loved the "This Land Is Your Land" book that we created and also enjoyed Proud Panther being in the classroom. All of the students in my school wear uniforms and get a whole hour for lunch, can you believe it! Proud Panther and I miss you, but we are slowly learning all the answers to your questions!

*New Word: The dot at the end of a sentence isn't called a "period" in England, it's called a "full stop." This is our classroom (they are studying Germany and Mexico).

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Mrs. Cowan said...

Mrs. Robinson,

We love your blog. We are going to post several questions on our student blog for your students.

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