Sunday, March 23, 2008


Proud Panther and I decided to take a trip to Wales this weekend. First, we rode on the train for about three hours. We saw lots of sheep and countryside! Once we arrived in Cardiff, we went to see the Cardiff Castle. Each room in the castle was decorated with a different theme (no pictures allowed-sorry!) and time period. There were even blankets on the beds that were made of gold thread! I think proud panther liked the tower the best! It was a very cold and wet day, but Proud Panther didn't seem to mind. The streets were very crowded, because there were two big rugby games. People here love rugby, like we love football. After the castle, we did some shopping! We also took a tour bus through the city so that we could learn some of the history. It was a double decker bus, but we were too cold to sit upstairs! We had a wonderful trip to Wales and learned a lot about Cardiff! We are having a great time exploring and we love sharing our adventures with you!

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The Class said...

Thank you for the pictures! We hope you're having fun. We miss you and Proud Panther a lot. We hope you come back soon.

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